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Canadian/American Curriculum-Based Tutor — Abu Dhabi

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This Ad is targeted to all those looking to improve their children or own academic/school achievement.

I am a Canadian university student enrolled in the online Canadian Athabasca University. I have recently moved from Canada to Abu Dhabi only a few months ago. I am originally Arab, however I grew up and was raised in Canada. Hence, I am very familiar with both the Canadian/American teaching approach and curriculum.

I have obtained experience as a Public School Teacher Assistant (including one-to-one student tutorials) and many other related private tutorial sessions.

I am currently teaching students from the Canadian Online Studies Long Distant Learning. My tutoring experience include:

* Teaching specified mathematics/science/social/english concepts to students including extended tutoring sessions.

* Preparing the students for the upcoming exams by creating well-organized practice booklets and helping them overcome any academic struggles.

* Clarifying concepts, being able to work with them, know its applications in the real world, and allowing students to develop logical and critical thinking skills.

I only tutor students at Abu Dhabi University due to the suitable environment, and since its located at a convenient distance (I live within the university residence).

*** Rates vary depending on the student's grade level/subject of interest/amount of hours required per week/teaching/homework assistance etc...

If you are interested either e-mail, send an SMS, or call.

Phone # : 0503198024


Thank you and take care !